Kathy Bates talks about her cancer diagnosis, treatment and Lymphoedema

Highly acclaimed Actor Kathy Bates gives a unique insight from her own experience of Breast Cancer and subsequent Lymphoedema.  Watch her beautifully expressed and informative video below.

Lymphoedema solutions from Anita

Bra fitters working together with Lymphoedema Therapists can be an integral part of self-care for patients, and can make life so much more comfortable, and the condition more manageable.

Anita’s LymphOfit Bra #1100 is considered the gold standard of treatment for lymph congestion in the breast and thorax area by many leading Specialists around the world. LymphOfit is TGA approved here in Australia.

This moulded-cup front-opening, high-backed bra provides controlled compression from the sides to the under bust section, while the all-over textured fabric has a massaging and draining effect on the subcutaneous tissue and minor lymph vessels. 

Stocked here in Sand and Black, AU sizes are 12-28A to D, 12-26DD and 12-24E.

Sew-in pockets style #1110 in Left or Right side are stocked in AU sizes 10-32.

Everyday bra choices should have a wide shoulder strap and a wide, supportive side.  As with regular bra fittings, the band should not be too tight, and the edges of the cup should not cut in.  This will ensure lymph flow is not restricted.

You’ll find there’s a great range of suitable styles in the Anita portfolio.  There are also some great solutions for lymphoedema of the legs.  Contact us or Glenda Harris 0455 106 588 or glenda@ssau.au … we are here to help!

For more information:

The Australian Lymphology Association provides invaluable information about lymphoedema and can advise about local support groups, Accredited Therapists etc.

The Lymphoedema Association Australia www.lymphaustralia.org.au  is committed to improving the lives of people with lymphoedema and is a strong national voice for advocacy, education, and support.   

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