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Anita’s Rosa Faia swimwear that’s available year-round

Classic Black effortless basics in a wide range of styles and sizes all in our B2B Portal now! Perfect Black Swimsuit #7703 Perfect Black Swimsuit #7704 Sibel #8730-1 Bikini Top Hermine #8411-1 Hermine Bikini Top Ive #8703-0 – Bikini Bottom Hermine #8411-1 Bikini Top Jil #8711-0 Shaping Bottom Ella #8936-1 Bikini Top (with detachable straps)

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Frascati #6299 Care Swimsuit All sizes now available except 12D Some sizes available now. Next delivery April.

NEW colours in Anita Care favourites and NEW season swimwear!

Anita Care Tonya #5706 is now available in always-on-trend classic #380 Maritime (Navy) Blue.  70D (10D) has already sold out, so jump onto this one quickly to secure your stock! Our top-selling Anita Care style #5726X Lisa has arrived in the gorgeous lush new shade #119 Dark Rose.  A few sizes are already awaiting a

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Anita Active

Anita Active – New styles for 2024 available now!

We’re excited to introduce our NEW colours in your favourite Anita Active Bra styles. Global best-seller #5544 Air Control Delta Pad in fresh 849 Apple Green is here.  This game-changer merges functionality and style to create the ideal sports bra for every active woman. Our exclusive Delta Pad design ensures maximum support while the ultra-light

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Compression garments: How tight is too tight?

Sometimes patients think that the garment should be as tight as possible. But that is not true. The goal is to support the body without putting excess pressure on the area that is healing. Gentle pressure is good; however, it shouldn’t be so tight that circulation and lymphatic flow is compromised. Circulation is important to

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The sensitive C-section scar.

A common complaint after a C-section is the sensitivity of the scar. Many women experience an unpleasant tingly sensation when clothing or other materials rub against the scar. Some women may feel sensitivity during certain movements, such as lifting the baby or reaching overhead. The scar may also feel tight, itchy, and even painful. WHY

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ANITA wins yet another Award. This time with the Essentials Range!

At the STERNE BEST SHOP AWARDS ceremony, Anita since 1886 was named the best brand in the Comfort Wear sector. On 23 July, the trade magazine SOUS presented the 17th STERNE BEST SHOP AWARDS for the best lingerie specialist shops and departments in Germany. It wasn’t just the best stores that were recognised. The SOUS Manufacturer Award honoured the

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Lipoelastic Active Leggings – GAME ON!

Compression leggings are a must-have for any fitness enthusiast to elevate their workout game.⁠Not only do compression leggings provide increased blood flow for better recovery (reduced muscle fatigue), support and shaping (to look and feel great), they also have moisture-wicking properties for ultimate comfort. ⁠⁠Compression leggings can also improve posture and enhance performance to help

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5 quick remedies to help heal a bruise

Bruises appear on your skin when the tiny blood vessels underneath get damaged because of an impact. No matter how you get a bruise, it will normally take approximately 2-3 weeks to fade away, depending on how severe it is. If you don’t want to wait, you can assist bruise healing using some of these

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Anita Care – New styles for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Your support makes it possible for Anita to donate to various organisations in different countries. Anita products are just one element of their breast cancer support efforts. Anita is always in contact with doctors, those affected, and various organisations with garments and education. Together in support, we advance the areas of prevention, research and emotional

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Standard Freight Fees Are Changing

On WEDNESDAY 01ST NOVEMBER, 2023 Unfortunately due to consistently increasing costs in fuel prices impacting the transport industry and our courier costs there will be a 10% price increase in freight fees from 01st November, 2023. Please email us via the link below or call us on 1300 294 649 if you have any questions

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