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The LipoFilter is a large-volume (3 litre), dual-chamber, fat harvesting and separation system, designed to maintain high viaibility. The LipoFilter offers an innovative approach to filtering adipose tissue using a trouble free, disposable canister, employing a bouyancy-filtration system. Before you purchase an expensive and complicated system costing tens of thousands of dollars, ask your sales rep for a demonstration of the LipoFilter.


Advantages of the LipoFilter

  • Works with any aspiration system
  • High-volume, 3 litre canister
  • No centrifuge needed
  • Simple, trouble-free
  • Closed system
  • Disposable
  • Affordable


LipoFilter™ is a sterile-packaged, large-volume, dual-chamber, fat harvesting and separation system.

LipoFilter™ is a highly effective, affordable and reliable canister-style filter that works with most aspiration systems.
Designed for in-line compatibility with the MicroAire PAL system, as well as any traditional suction-assisted liposuction systems (SAL), the LipoFilter™ offers an innovative approach to filtering high-viability adipose tissue using a trouble-free, disposable canister employing a buoyancy-filtration system.
Made entirely of high-strength polycarbonate Lexan® (the same material used in helmets, high-performance windshields and bullet-resistant windows), the LipoFilter™ uses advanced technology to maintain high cell viability, while also offering simple assembly and operation.
Surgeons know that effective fat separation requires ample capacity to wash and separate extracted fat. Therefore, with an overall volume of 3000ml (three liters), and a maximum use-capacity of 2500ml, the large-capacity LipoFilter™ achieves results that smaller harvesting filters can’t approximate.
A removable cap on the top of the canister allows easy filling with prewash fluid prior to harvesting, and a unique vent tube provides complete evacuation of fluids after separation is achieved. The vent system also protects fat cells from unnecessary G-forces that occur with other devices during fluid evacuation.

LipoFilter™ is a closed, sterile system that requires no extra steps or mixing.

The LipoFilter™ uses a buoyancy-filtration system to separate fluids from adipose tissue. Live fat cells behave much like floating balloons that rise naturally and quickly to the top; while the damaged, emulsified cells behave like leaking balloons that remain trapped in the solution for a longer time and rise slowly, if at all.
These damaged cells are not useful in fat transfer and are easily filtered as waste by the LipoFilter,™ which separates most of the fluid from the fat mass when operated properly.
The dual-chamber design of the LipoFilter™ allows separation and removal of fluids while separating viable tissue within a closed, sterile environment.

The LipoFilter™ is designed to maintain high cell viability for the patient, while providing true ease of use for the surgeon.

Not all fat filters are created equal

Only the LipoFilter™ is designed and manufactured by MicroAire to meet strict FDA standards, because we have your patient’s safety in mind.
LipFilter Other Guys
FDA-Registered Manufacturing
ISO-Certified Facility
Validated Vendor Supply Chain
Assembled in Class-10,000 Clean Room
ISO 17665-1 Sterilization Validation
Made in the USA
REF Number Description
REF ASP-CAN-2S LipoFilter - Aspiration Canister 3000ml, Sterile. Includes filtering canister tubing, and 60cc syringe. canister
REF ASP-CAN-2R LipoFilter Stand stand
REF ASP-CAN-2C LipoFilter Clamp clamp
REF ASP-ADP-2 Adapter - Toomey-to-Luer Syringe syringe
REF ASP-ADP-3 Adapter - Toomey-to-Luer Needle needle
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