Post- surgical Compression Garments/Compression Therapy Garments for men and women.

For perfect results and the perfect patient outcome.

  • Premium hand-crafted garments sold in over 70 Countries and a European leader
  • Meet the highest criteria for compression therapy
  • Significantly speed up the healing process
  • Reduce swelling and pain
  • Fabrics wick moisture from the body
  • Garments can also be custom-made
  • All LIPOELASTIC® garments carry the OEKO-TEX certificate, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances
  • TGA Approved – ARTG Certificate 300168 – Class 1 Medical device.


PI special

A favourite for breast surgeries

USE: Mammoplasty (Augmentation, Breast Reduction and Mastopexy)
  • Straps with 4 positions of hooks-and-eyes closure
  • Front zipper underlain with hooks
  • Moulded cups reinforced with double layer of fabric for perfect comfort and support
  • Soft elastic band with logo.


Unisex binder

USE: Abdominoplasty, Liposuction of Abdomen

Abdominal binders hold the body straight, with correct support and improved posture, therefore helping to achieve optimal results. They can be worn independently, although to complement the end result, they can either be combined with a post-operative garment, wearing it on the outside of the garment, or with a KPad.
  • Separated velcro fastener panels easily adjust and close
  • Dense, tight material provides maximum level of compression.


Perfect for Gynecomastia

USE: Gynecomastic, Liposuction and plastic surgeries of the chest and back
  • Straps with 3 positions of hooks-and-eyes closure
  • Front zipper underlain with hooks
  • Soft elastic band with logo


Suitable for most types of liposuction

USE: Mammoplasty, Abdominoplasty, Liposuction of abdomen, back, buttocks, hips and thighs.
  • Straps with 4 positions of hooks-and-eyes closure
  • Moulded cups
  • Garment finished with a clean-cut
  • 3 positions of hooks-and-eyes closure
  • Hygienic opening in crotch for all day comfort

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