Facelift procedure and recovery

Topically applied silicone gel products can help accelerate healing. A silicone barrier blocks out bacteria but holds in helpful moisture, creating a microenvironment where the skin heals more fully, with less scarring.

NewGel+E and NewGel+UV (with a SPF 30 mineral sunscreen to help prevent scar hyperpigmentation and discolouring due to the sun’s harmful UV rays) are undetectable under makeup. 

There are also NewGel+ silicone gel sheets and strips specifically shaped to treat typical face lift scars. All are recognized as highly effective in fading and flattening scars.

To find the appropriate silicone product, browse the NewGel+ assortment of silicone gel treatment products at www.newgel.com.au

Why NewGel+? Simply because IT WORKS.

Trust NewGel+ to soften, flatten, and fade your scar. 

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