POLYTECH – Implants of Excellence Program

POLYTECH – Implants of Excellence Program

The Implants of Excellence program has been especially developed for patients with POLYTECH breast and gluteal implants.

It offers an additional service in specific cases and is aimed at increasing the patient’s satisfaction and confidence before and after surgery.

POLYTECH is a leading manufacturer of breast and body contouring implants. All implants are manufactured with the utmost care and are of exceptional quality.

Online registration to the Implants of Excellence program is free and patients will need their implant passport, received from the treating surgeon post-surgery.


  • The annual survey gives the patient the opportunity to comment on quality of life with the implants. Being part of the annual survey also entitles the patient to receive the benefits of the Implants of Excellence program.
  • The patient will receive key highlights of the annual POLYTECH patient survey.
  • The POLYTECH team is happy to answer any questions or doubts the patient may have.
  • With more than 30 years of experience in breast and gluteal implants, POLYTECH stands for Commitment, Safety and Quality: Partnership you can feel.
  • More patient information can be found about the Implants of Excellence program on the POLYTECH website https://polytech-health-aesthetics.com/en/warranty/


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